The Psychology of Magic

The Psychology of Magic is an engaging 45-minute lecture in which Eric explores the psychological principles employed by the practitioners of the mystery arts to make their presentations of magic and mentalism compelling, effective, and convincing.


Drawing upon his nearly twenty years of experience as a performer of magic and mentalism, Eric provides insight into some of the psychological subtleties used by the world's best magicians and mentalists. He also examines the neurological and perceptual limitations of the human brain that enable the skilled conjurer to fool even the most astute audiences.

Eric has presented this lecture at venues throughout New York City, including the Brooklyn Public Library and the Robert H. Smith Auditorium at the New York Historical Society, as a part of the Society's  Summer of Magic series.

The lecture can also be presented as an interactive workshop, as it was at the 2019 Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism held at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

"Thanks so much for a wonderful program last night. So many people stopped by to tell me how much fun they had. Staff members are still talking about it! Our audiences love to learn. You taught them a lot and then entertained them. They loved it!"

~Kathleen M., New York Historical Society

"A master of his art"

                   ~The List

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